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Overcoming Challenges New Leaders Face, Visionaries vs. Integrators, and Digital Advertising with Blake Wyatt of SalesMentor

Posted by Ben Isley on Sep 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Blake Wyatt is a Facebook and YouTube Ads specialist and Leader at SalesMentor, a Traffic and Funnels company. Blake has been a media buyer and has worked as a profit manager. A media buyer, in this sense, is a digital media buyer purchasing ads for Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat.


A big part of successful leadership is the ability to be adaptable with your style and methods. Blake strives to try and understand each individual person well so he can interact act with them and plan for them in a way that will set them up for success.

The book Traction provides the framework for Visionaries vs. Integrators in a small business.

Visionaries are the individuals who have a natural view of projecting into the future and develop thorough plans for 3, 5, and 10-year goals, desires, or checkpoints. These people are always looking for the next move, change in strategy, opportunity, and they plan a clear direction. Instead of sitting in the future, Integrators sit more in the current business by executing on ideas and working on designing and troubleshooting current company movements.

Sometimes many Visionaries get caught up in the future, have a clear plan or destination in mind, and get frustrated by the time it takes to get there. There are also current problems that need to be solved now, and these can't be ignored. The Integrators are more likely to see any loopholes in the longer term vision, such as a system or process that isn't going to function with a larger number of clients.

Digital Media

Blake recommends to focus first on paid advertising on the media platforms where your target customer spends the most time. Ultimately you want to diversify across platforms, but it's wise to start by focusing on your primary customer. Factors such as age, income, industry, and B2B vs. B2C can all be considered.

"Instead of thinking: how can I best work the ads to make my product/service sell or work, it's a better question to ask: how can I make such an amazing product/service that the product/service sells itself. Even if I just push "Go" on some ads, the market that I'm gearing towards is going to eat it up."

Many people are too focused on the ads. Your offer messaging is what matters, and the outcome for the potential customer needs to be clear. Even just spending $20 a day on some of these platforms can begin to generate legitimate leads.

Aligning a Team to a Vision

"How you show up is how the rest of your team shows up. If you're off a little bit, the whole team will shift."

Even if a business owner has a clear vision and a clear path, it can be difficult for all team members to see it the same way. Getting everyone on the same page is tough, employees want to feel their work is valued and furthers their personal goals and desires. This is what makes for motivated employees, alignment only with company goals results in a bad situation.

"It's a process, it's something you have to work through with them. My philosophy so far has been making them a part of it."

For example, instead of creating KPIs, Blake prefers to just provide options and he asks for feedback about the level of reporting and control that the employee feels with the KPI. This involvement leads to decision making where both parties leave happy, it's a different mental reaction by the team member.

Learn more about Blake and his work: @blake.wyatt89 on Instagram and Blake Wyatt on Facebook.

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