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Being Effective in a Leadership Role and Daily Challenges with Nate Bailey

Posted by Ben Isley on Oct 6, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Nate Bailey is a bestselling author of three books and an entrepreneur. He has built multiple successful businesses in areas such as insurance and real estate. He recently sold his insurance agency to become a full-time leadership coach.

Nate's main focus now is on leadership training and coaching. He doesn't have any official employees, but he recognizes the importance of a solid team. In coaching live events, Nate brings in principles and trainings from the military. He uses other military associates to help structure and run his coaching programs.

Challenges of a Leadership Role

To become a leader in your space, you need to have recognition. One of the greatest challenges is to continue to communicate a clear, effective message that speak directly to your target crowd by helping them get to where they want to go. You also must walk the walk and be congruent in how you lead yourself and how you lead your business. Before you can lead or manage others, you need to become more effective yourself.

"Those that are committed and consistent are the ones who will be rewarded."

Nate decided to branch out into coaching as a solo endeavor so he could be exactly what he wanted to be, doing things his way. With the mentality of extreme ownership, everything that happens, good or bad, is a reflection of the sole leader.


Currently, Nate offers an online mastermind group with weekly Zoom calls and offers live training events that are both mental and physical. He offers a three day event with team building, physical challenges, classroom teaching, digging deep into desires, and uncovering limiting beliefs.

Virtual offerings are great, but as humans we thrive on connection and face to face interaction. Live events provide no distractions and enable individuals to get the most out of experiences. Nate prefers to stay committed and not use COVID as an excuse for failure to execute.


Every day presents new challenges and learning opportunities. The key is to learn how to embrace these situations and grow from them.

"Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. It's just owning all of that, and being thankful for it."

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