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Growing a services firm is hard. Don't do it alone.

Cross-industry collaboration

Leaning on a community made up of firm owners from different industries will give you unique perspective in overcoming the challenges you and your firm are facing. 

Learn how different professional service industries solve problems related to client service, pricing, employee management, and growth. 

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Growth-focused virtual firms

The Staying Power Collective members are running virtual firms and have one goal in mind: growth.

Learn the cutting-edge marketing, sales, operations, and virtual staff management techniques that real virtual firm owners are using to grow their firms. And how you can apply them to your own firm.

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Monthly virtual forum meetings

Upon joining the Staying Power Collective, you'll be assigned to a "Forum Group" made up of 8-10 firm owners that you'll meet with on a monthly basis to share best practices and help solve each other's growth challenges.

Forum meetings will consist of members presenting their current issues, ranking their issues, and then collectively solving the top issues. 

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Our community will help you grow beyond what you ever thought possible

What are you waiting for? Dozens of firm owners across the country are looking forward to meeting you.

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